Solving SME business challenges in the Thames Valley
Nov 2016

Solving SME business challenges in the Thames Valley

Why is getting value from marketing one the biggest SME business challenges?  Is it because they find it hard to discern the truth from the bull?

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) do make the rocking world go round. Research conducted in partnership with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), reveals SME contributions to the economy will grow by 11 percent from 2015 to 2020 – with businesses currently contributing £196 billion.

That is a lot of wonga spread between the 400,000 business that cover the UK. It means a lot of jobs, and it means, even more, business to business trading. What is interesting is that the definition of an SME is somewhat vague – but this, by the FSE Group seems to be a sensible middle ground.

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“A small or medium-sized enterprise, or SME, as defined by the European Commission is a business or company – that has fewer than 250 employees; and has either (a) annual turnover not exceeding €50 million (approximately £40 million) or (b) an annual balance-sheet total not exceeding €43 million (approximately £34 million)”

So the termSME can cover some enormous organizations and a diverse range of businesses that are in various stages of growth, expansion and development. Some don’t even realize how much help they need or how much support from another expert SME might assist in their business objectives.

BREW’D Marketing decided to to take up the opportunity of a stand at the recent Thames Valley Expo event at Green Park, Reading so that we could meet more innovative SME brands and spread the word of how we could help them to grow their business. As a marketing agency and experts in the tech marketing space, we wanted to demonstrate how intelligent; well-crafted B2B marketing can align to the basic or complex sales process and shorten the sales cycle.

Our series of 4 articles on Making Marketing Pay went down a storm, and we’ll be working solve SME business challenges with truly innovative tech companies.  What became clear is that almost all the businesses we met had acknowledged challenges they wanted to overcome. The top 5 were:

  1. Concerns about the brand, messaging and value proposition of their company.
  2. Frustrations of not integrating their marketing better with the sales team and process
  3. What to spend modest marketing budgets on and how to measure it
  4. Creating and delivering marketing campaigns that generate leads
  5. Having senior marketing strategy and campaign resource in house

BREW’D is a marketing agency with a difference. We enjoyed discussing how you can keep marketing simple and mainly bull shit free, yet efficient even with modest budgets. BREW’D spent a lot of time debunking the myth that expensive CRM and automation platforms were an instant panacea to solving the misalignment of sales and marketing. (They need to talk to each other and set some goals – read our guide to find out more). We delighted many by agreeing that monthly retainers aren’t the best way to create innovative campaigns. You can do it with a series of projects as long as they work toward a common goal. A final headache always seemed to be one of the resources. Not having the time or the people to get consistent measured marketing delivered.

Here were the 5 simple solutions BREW’D offer SMEs:

  1. Lease our board level marketing strategist – plug-n-play the best business-aligned strategy on an ad-hoc basis
  2. Messaging and value proposition workshops – with action as an output can be completed in a day
  3. Marketing serves the sales team – their success and what they need is a good start point for marketing planning
  4. Identify the attributes of those that buy – Be it people or business market to others like them!
  5. Plug-N-Play campaign delivery – Hire, our agile team of experts to work with you to get it done!

Can we help you solve your SME business challenges? Do you need support in the major areas? If you think so then why not call or email us. Get in contact. We also have some resources available for you to read and learn more about integrated marketing.


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