Dec 2016

What are the 5 biggest SME marketing mistakes and how to avoid them

What are the 5 biggest SME marketing mistakes are: (Not using an expert integrated B2B marketing agency is another)

1. Fail to set out realistic objectives

2. Don’t identify the right audience and their relevant purchasing attributes

3. Don’t meet the audience need with a valid proposition

4. Assume one size of content/message fits all channels. It will not.

5. Fail to see marketing as a measured sales investment and not a capital cost

Integrated B2B marketing must pay its way. Ultimately that is with new sales or account revenue growth. Along the way, it should contribute to brand awareness and positioning. It should also create inbound interest, generate 3rd party PR that established your brand/product/solution/service as a leader and worthy of further consideration.

It must generate demand, leads and then sales. How long will it take?

Easy – first find out how long does it take to make an average value sale from a recognised lead? Then decipher how long it takes to create a whole new lead. Once armed with these simple numbers you build the marketing plan to speed this process up, to be more efficient. Good intelligent, well-crafted B2B marketing shortens the process and helps close more deals. So… however long you currently wait to generate a lead and convert to a sale is the maximum time it will take. For definitive ROI you measure the reduction in the time it takes and the increase in sales value.

For a SME marketing must be an investment. It is not a cost. To think otherwise is stupidity. So if you do it, do it right. Plan it with sound data. Create it with the audience need as your primary focus and commit to delivering it consistently and accurately.

If you are facing a similar SME marketing challenge and you want your integrated B2B marketing to be more effective and frankly more interesting then BREW’D Marketing can help. We will guide you to greater business growth and sales success with B2B marketing paying its way.

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