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Who: Chemistry Group

What: Marketing consultancy: strategy, brand and content planning

You are a challenger brand that is revolutionising the HR recruitment and talent management world and growing at a fast rate. You need an agile, intelligent marketing strategy that embraces the ‘SaaS’ and the consulting elements of your business but that is also aligned to business objectives and focused generating leads and sales opportunities.

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BREW’D provided marketing consultancy through Steev Glover. He advised and got hands-on in the development of the marketing strategy. This centred on creating a value proposition that the whole business could engage with and then developing a content plan and implementation strategy that focused on delivering engagements of high quality. This included the innovation of using podcasts, reinventing interactive HR events and a targeted use of social media. BREW’D also advised on the implementation of the new brand and have supported the creation and mentoring of the internal content marketing and design teams. BREW’D advised Phill Bolland, Head of Marketing, on the key metrics that define the quality of the engagements and track the ROI and effectiveness which are a key component in the successful implementation of the content plan and are now used as the benchmarks for the setup of Hubspot marketing automation software.

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The marketing consultancy began in early 2016 with the creation of the topline strategy with the Head of Marketing. In collaboration with the  internal team a content plan and key creative was developed to meet the Awareness, Consideration and Decision elements of #marketingmadesimple. BREW’D have also helped develop the customer attribution modelling and sector SWOT process that is defining audience focus. The quality profile of the MQLS has increased by 40%, the time taken to get from MQL to SQL has reduced by three months and new marketing activity has generated £600,000 of new sales in 2016 H1.

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Phill Bolland – Head of Marketing at Chemistry Group

“Steev and the BREW’D team understand what we do. They are senior marketers and provide invaluable expert advice and guidance. All departments, especially sales, have been part of the collaborative marketing process. All decisions have been made based on evidence and intelligent experience. BREW’Ds impact on our marketing brand and sales can’t be overestimated.”

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