Making Marketing Pay: How hard is your website working? (3)
Oct 2016

Making Marketing Pay: How hard is your website working? (3)

Your website is not an advert. It cannot just be a ‘shop window’. Your website MUST support your sales process and should be the heart of your prospect engagement. Anything else is a failure and worse it is a missed commercial opportunity.

84% of businesses want their marketing to help deliver more sales. If you want to measure marketing’s impact on sales, then the hub for that is your website. Assuming that is that you have done, in part at least, the actions outlined in Part 1 of this blog series: Aligning marketing to the sales process and Part 2 Customer Marketing Attribution: why they should care…

These are the five basic things a smart website does:

  1. It lets people find you and learn what you do (SEO)
  2. It tells people how you help them and why you do it better (Messaging)
  3. It lets people discover information and solutions quickly (Content)
  4. It provides evidence, proof of how good your business is (Validation)
  5. It offers a simple, fast and friendly way to buy or learn more (Call to Action)

Don’t forget all the smart analytics that are free and clearly tell you what is good, bad and downright ugly about your website, how people use it and if it delivers a good experience (UX).

Content Marketing Made Simple Infographic - How it works

These are the five more in-depth things your website can do:

  1. It can filter visitors into prospects, leads and the bungled and the botched
  2. It can data capture key information for faster sales qualification
  3. It can take visitors on different page (content) journeys based on their interest
  4. It can develop up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  5. It can automatically connect and update with CRM systems and suggest next engagement actions

How simple or complicated is your service/product portfolio?

It does not matter because a well-designed website (with some plugins) can work harder to define the status of a prospect and therefore provides greater qualification information to your sales process. So, if your process is efficient, it will speed up the sales funnel.

So, how do you make your website work harder to deliver sales?

Here are our ten must do actions if you want your website to support the sales process. Use it to plan your next site or upgrade or to audit your current website.

1. Design Do you look trustworthy, competent and appealing?
2. SEO Can you be found by your audience easily?
3. Messaging The what, how and why you do what you do!
4. UX Does the user experience match your brand promise?
5. Content Audience is king. Do you solve their need and problems?
6. Social Sharing re you regularly seen in the places your prospects work & play?
7. Data Capture Diagnostic, evaluations & surveys. Do you add value to the data trade off?
8. Call-to-action Is it clear what action you want users to take next? Is there always a shortcut to talking to/meeting you?
9. Sales Data What do you do with the data and information you gather?
10. Nurturing What is your plan for those visitors not identified as leads? How will you nurture their interest going forward?

Your marketing and therefore your website must support how you sell. It must provide a service to your audience and your sales team. That being the fastest and simplest route to deciding that you:

B – Have the budget to buy

A – Have the authority to buy

N – Have the need to buy

T – Are ready to buy

BREW’D can help you plan and develop a sales aligned approach to your marketing, and through our creative studio we can design, develop and manage the campaigns that create awareness, generate leads and help close sales.

How the 4 part Making B2B Marketing Pay blog series develops:

  1. Making B2B Marketing Pay: Aligning marketing to the sales process  
  2. Customer Marketing Attribution: why they should care
  3. Your Website: How hard is it working?
  4. How integrated B2B marketing works: Generating demand, lead, and sales

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