What content does good b2b content marketing need?
Jul 2016

What content does good b2b content marketing need?

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In good b2b content marketing, not all of the content is king. Lots and lots of content never worked well (despite the positive press) content has to be relevant to the audience. What content does good b2b content marketing need?

The AUDIENCE is king. Your content must serve the AUDIENCE need.

The proof of this is in reports like the CMI 2016 UK Benchmark report. UK businesses that do some form of content marketing are concerned about what content to create and what content will be effective. One of the challenges posed to content marketing agencies is to come up with the answer. BREW’Ds view – start simple and focus on effect, not volume.

If you are new to content marketing, then we suggest you review our Content Marketing 5 step guide – or review our infographic which visually represents the five stages. Both show you how to focus and plan your content marketing.

This content journey, broadly speaking, breaks down into three categories.

  1. AWARENESS – With this content, you are looking to make your customers aware of your business and the industry you serve. The AUDIENCE at this stage may not be looking to buy, so don’t be sales heavy. You can’t be sure where they are in the sales journey, so this content is about making the audience aware. Aware of a problem they need solving, and that solution exists. E.G Blogs – infographic – animations – memes.
  1. CONSIDERATION – This content is aimed at the AUDIENCE that already knows about your industry, products or service that you and competitors provide. It’s essential this content showed how informed, skilled and experienced your business is to mark it out from competitor comparison by the AUDIENCE. This content needs to be based on providing tips, guidance and how-to guides surrounding the product. Rather like this one… E.G eBook, case studies, webinar, articles, and video.
  1. DECISION – This content stage is for the AUDIENCE that is ready to buy. They are persuaded they need the solution you are selling, so you need to provide the provenance of your marketing promises. This will include personal Testimonials, Buyers Guides, and Implementation Guides and could also include Insight & Research data that illustrates the operation and financial benefits of your business. It’s sensible to ‘gate’ this content.

Once you have plotted the content into these three sections, you can see how you link the content together to form a journey from interest to engagement and action.

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