B2B Content Marketing Made Simple – A 5 step Guide
Apr 2016

B2B Content Marketing Made Simple – A 5 step Guide

Content marketing can be simple to understand, plan and implement. It does not have to rely on expensive marketing automation to be effective and yes, even with modest budgets, you can create regular content that engages your audience into a measurable action.

Is content marketing important to increasing the growth of your business? It should be.

89% of UK business are doing it and 88% are planning to spend more budget on it in 2016. Just 1% plan to spend less. And the reason they all do content marketing is because 83% want more brand engagements, 81% want more leads and 84% want more sales.*

The equation to achieve this is quite easy – more engagements = more leads = more sales. That’s content marketing made simple.

Follow the BREW’D 5 Step Guide:

1. AUDIENCE. Make the effort to know who they are and how your business can help them. Appreciate what they might want and how your content can help them. Segmentation helps, knowing persona groups is helpful but not an immediate priority.

2. PLATFORM. How are you sharing and linking content? Websites are the host hub that social and email will link to. Plan a simple user journey through from start to finish – don’t let the user hit the back button. Provide a platform that helps them hit your call-to-action.

3. MESSAGE. Keep your message concise, targeted and relevant. Don’t write essays. short but very sweet is the aim.

4. CREATIVE. It has to look good. It needs to stand out – think strong, consistent, branded, impact. Audiences get a lot of content. You need to ensure that concise, relevant message is displayed so well it can’t be ignored.

5. ACTION. Know what you want them to do (buy, meet, attend or subscribe) and make sure at the end of every user engagement you sign post the next destination. Offer links to the next stage of content. Suggest what else you have that might be of interest. Always have a shortcut to the buy/meet us button!

So, what next?

It’s time to assess the engagements (responses) you have and get them marked as either ‘cold’, ‘interested’, ‘lead’ or ‘opportunity’. With this in place it’s time to challenge your sales teams and the business as a whole to:

  • Cold must become interested
  • Interested must become a lead
  • leads must become opportunities
  • Opportunities must become a sale

Make sure you measure over a defined period of time how many and how long it takes to for each link in the process to occur. Then LEARN. IMPROVE and REPEAT.

Let BREW’D release the lead & sales-generating power of your website with content marketing made simple plan. Speak to us to find out more

*From the CMI 2016 Trends, Budgets & Benchmark report


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