How b2b content marketing works
Jul 2016

How b2b content marketing works

b2b Content Marketing Made Simple Infographic - How it works

View, download and share BREWD’s essential visual guide to how to deliver b2b content marketing. Producing more and more content isn’t the solution to generating leads and increasing demand. The content has to be audience relevant, solution focused and offer a creative alternative to what is already out there. Do you have a content marketing plan?

89% of UK business are doing it and 88% are planning to spend more budget on it in 2016. Just 1% plan to spend less. And the reason they all do content marketing is because 83% want more brand engagements, 81% want more leads and 84% want more sales.

The equation to achieve this is quite easy – more engagements = more leads = more sales. B2B Content marketing and inbound marketing are an integral part of business growth. Creating a smart plan that works in unison with the sales team so it can be measured is something BREW’D can help you deliver.

For more detail then download our FREE ebook – Content Marketing Made Simple


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